1. Brushing and Weeding
Annual brushing and weeding activities were in progress on the JPRF between mid June and mid August. Between 10 and 15 brushers have been employed for these two months. During this time they completed work operations on 58 hectares of previously logged areas.






2. Planting
Tl'azt'en Woodlands was hired for approximately 3 weeks in May and June to conduct tree planting operations on the JPRF. During this time the workers planted approximately 50,000 trees on previously logged cutblocks.

3. Logging
In the winter of 2001 annual logging operations were conducted on the JPRF. Hat Lake Logging of Fort St. James purchased the timber and undertook its removal. The wood harvested totaled approximately 16,000 m³ and consisted of mainly beetle infested trees. The focus of logging on the JPRF in recent years has been to conduct operations in the most sustainable manner while trying to control the beetle infestation problem.

4. Pest Management
The JPRF has been impacted by the bark beetle like most other areas of the central interior in the past few years. As a part of forest management JPRF management has been applying methods to try and control this outbreak. In the winter of 2001 an extensive fall and burn program was conducted which resulted in 400 trees being destroyed to combat the beetle infestation. This year several areas have been fitted with phermone traps to concentrate the infestation to specific areas in order to make fall and burn and logging operations more effective in controlling the beetle populations.

5. Road Building
Road Upgrading activities have been implemented on the ArchTruck Road. In addition a bridge will be constructed on the ArchTruck road near the round lake to stabilize the stream conditions in an effort to protect fish habitat.





6. Forest Planning
Currently JPRF staff are completing prescriptions for logging and silviculture operations for the next year. This information will be used to plan field activities for 2002.





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