GIS and Remote Sensing:

There is an extensive GIS database set up for the John Prince Research Forest at UNBC. The database is housed in the GIS and Remote Sensing Lab, and is made up of mostly Arc/Info, Landsat TM7 images, and aerial photography. A number of coverages can be downloaded from this site [scroll down to see download list]. The *.e00 files are Arc/Info Export files that can be imported into Arc/Info directly, the *.tif files are simple images included to help you find the most helpful coverages to download.

*Note: The *.gif files show only a few different aspects of their respective coverage.

GIS Database:

Arc/Info Coverage Name *.e00 file download (zipped) *.gif file view


Biogeoclimatic Zones Biogeo.gif
Caribou Habitat Carib_cov.gif
Ecosections Ecosections.gif
Forest Cover (59) Fcov59_68_69_78.gif
Forest Cover (68) Fcov59_68_69_78.gif
Forest Cover (69) Fcov59_68_69_78.gif
Forest Cover (78) Fcov59_68_69_78.gif
Geologic Geologic.gif
Contours (in JPRF) Jpcont3.gif
Lakes (in JPRF) Jplake.gif
Non Forested Areas (in JPRF) Jpnonfor.gif
Non Productive Areas (in JPRF) Jpnonprod.gif
Spawning Sites Jpspawn_sites.gif
Species Distribution (in JPRF) Jpspec.gif
Streams (in JPRF) Jpstreams.gif
Wetland Areas (in JPRF) Jpswmp.gif
Trails 1 (in JPRF) Jptrail1.gif
Trails 2(in JPRF) Jptrai2.gif
L1 L1.gif
L3 L3.gif
Lselect L1select.gif
Lake Zones Lake_zone.gif
Lake Management Areas Lakemgmt_res.gif
Lake Management Zones Lakemgmt_zone.gif
Legal Lots Legalots.gif
Lakes Loclakes.gif
Area Outline Loclarea.gif
Contours Loclcont.gif
Roads Loclroads1.gif
Species Distribution Loclspecies1.gif
Streams Loclstream.gif
Wetland Loclswmp.gif
Powerlines Power.gif
Inventory Rec_inv.gif
Age Class Distribution Res_aclass.gif
Biological Index (Habitat Index) Res_bioindex_habinx.gif
Biological Index (Site Class)   Res_bioindex_stcls.gif
Biological Index (Biogeo Zone)   Res_bioindex_zone.gif
Biological Index (Biogeo Subzone)   Res_bioindex_subzone.gif
Biological Index (Biogeo Variant)   Res_bioindex_variant.gif
Inventory Groups (AU Type) Res_invgrps_autype.gif
Inventory Groups (Cover Type)   Res_invgrps_covtype.gif
Landscape Res_lscap.gif
Net Ratio Res_nratio.gif
Resource Management Zones Res_rmz.gif
Rescover (ESA High) Rescover_esahigh.gif
Rescover (ESA Low) Rescover_esalow.gif
Seedlots Seedlots.gif
Site Index Loclsiteidx.gif
Site Index (in JPRF) Jpsiteidx.gif
Soils (in JPRF) Soils.gif
Forest Cover (Age Class) Master_fc_ageclass.gif
Forest Cover (DBH Limit)   Master_fc_dbhlim.gif
Forest Cover (Hight Class)   Master_fc_htclass.gif
Forest Cover (Non Forested Area)   Master_fc_nonfor.gif
Forest Cover (Leadind Species)   Master_fc_species1.gif
Forest Cover (Stand Age)   Master_fc_standage.gif
Forest Cover (Stand Hight)   Master_fc_standht.gif
Forest Cover (Site Class)   Master_fc_stclass.gif
Traplines Trapline.gif
Wetclass Wetclass.gif

NREM 400 Data:

Arc/Info Coverage Name *.e00 file download (zipped) *.gif file view
20 Year Age Classes ac_20year.gif
Sue's Harvestable Blocks block_num.gif
Cover Types (based on leading species) cov_type.gif
Forest Cover Polygons forestcover.gif
Landscape Units lus.gif
Habitat Type1 hab_type1.gif
Habitat Type2 hab_type2.gif
Habitat Type3 hab_type3.gif
Habitat Type4 hab_type4.gif
Habitat Type5 hab_type5.gif
Melanie's Case1 case1.gif
Melanie's Case2 case2.gif
Melanie's Case3 case3.gif
Melanie's Case4 case4.gif
Melanie's Case5 case5.gif
1999 Excel File  
1947 Excel File  

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Remote Sensing and Miscellaneous Data:

1947 Ortho Photo:

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