1. Beetle Control Training
Chuzghun Resources Corporation in association with Tl'azt'en Nation and Tanizul Timber Ltd implemented a Beetle Control Training program for local forest workers. Eleven out of twelve participants completed the program and received certification as beetle probers by CNC. The program consisted of six weeks of training made up of both classroom and field instruction. Upon completion all graduates of the program found employment.

2. Natural Resource Training Centre Feasibility Study
The JPRF sponsored a feasibility study to determine the potential of developing a Natural Resources training center in the local area to provide residents with training for the forestry resource fields. Dr. Tom Brown completed a study to determine the need and demand for a First Nations driven training college. Interviews were conducted with political leaders, education representatives, industry, community leaders and youth. The study produced several recommendations detailing the potential for such an institution and suggested ways of accomplishing it.

3. Fish Inventory Training
In preparation for the implementation of a stream and fish inventory of the JPRF local residents received training to enhance their skills and to qualify them for participation in the project. The training consisted of Electro-fishing lectures and field training, Fish Identification, and Fish Capture methods. These skills then were used in the fish and stream inventory for the John Prince Research Forest.

4. Silviculture Contractor Training
JPRF sponsored a Silviculture Contractor Training program to enhance the capacity of Tl'azt'enne contractors. The course covered a wide variety of topics which included contract law, forest science and health, map reading and field measurements, bid preparation, forming a company, field safety and project management. Five local contractors took part in this course and have since pursued several silviculture projects.

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